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Burn Fat Fast – The Helix Lateral Trainer Is Here!

A Helix lateral workout burns more fat in less time than a traditional workout as you raise your heart rate faster and activate more muscles thanks to its patented lateral side to side movement. And BodyTastic has the exclusive Australian distributorship for the Helix.

The Scientific Facts:
The patented lateral motion activates more muscles more quickly than […]

The Lodge Fitness Centre Gets A New Jungle Gym!

The Lodge Fitness Centre Gets A New Jungle Gym!BodyTastic has just completed an install of a 360 Degree Jungle Gym at the Lodge Fitness Centre in Salisbury East Adelaide.

The Model E360C measures 6.7m x 5m x 2.56m and provides a multitude of options for users including four fixed stations – boxing bag, rebounder, stretching station […]