Introducing ZADI – a fitness movement created to unleash the ‘extraordinary’ in women.

BodyTastic is proud to be an official equipment supplier to ZADI Training.

ZADI is the latest fitness concept to hit Australian shores, offering:

  • Female-specific HIIT workout programs endorsed by exercise science
  • Innovative ‘Australian first’ bespoke technology
  • Smaller trainer/participant ratios (capped at 16 members per session)
  • A high-energy environment to keep you laser-focused on your workout

A true game-changer, ZADI is the first boutique fitness studio to offer HIIT and functional combination programs with the most effective metabolic circuit training methods, designed exclusively for women.

From the cutting-edge equipment to the latest bespoke technology with real-time heart rate monitoring and the nightclub atmosphere of the studio – the team at ZADI has created the perfect environment to ‘unleash the extraordinary’ in women.

Women are driving a change in the fitness industry. We say how we train, where we train and who we train with. ZADI Training is the latest boutique female fitness studio catering to the growing demand for HIIT and functional training. Endorsed by exercise science and powered by innovative technology, ZADI delivers targeted, personalised training that gets results.

Helix Lateral Trainer

A Helix lateral workout burns more fat in less time than a traditional workout as you raise your heart rate faster and activate more muscles thanks to its patented lateral side to side movement. And BodyTastic has the exclusive Australian distributorship for the Helix.

The Scientific Facts:
The patented lateral motion activates more muscles more quickly than other machines according to a comprehensive 2011 University of Tampa study which compared a Helix to a well know Cross Trainer. Primary findings from the study found that the Helix Lateral Trainer workouts achieved (on average):

  • 55% More Core Activation
  • 40% More Glute Activation
  • 23% Faster Achievement of Target Heart Rate
  • 50% More Outer Thigh Work
Helix Lateral Trainer Features:

  • Heavy Duty Frame and Construction for Full Commercial Use
  • Oversized Footplates
  • Lateral Movement
  • Easy to use LED Dot Matrix display
  • Activates more muscles than other cardio machines
  • 8 Exercise Programs
  • Traditional machines work the front and backs of legs: a Helix workout sculpts the entire lower body 360 Degrees
  • A scientific study found Helix outperformed a leading elliptical on 4 out of 5 muscle groups, with 50% more core activation, 50% more outer thigh activation and 39% more glute activation
  • Helix users achieve target heart rates faster and activate more muscles than traditional cardio users.

The Lodge Fitness Centre Gets A New Jungle Gym!

BodyTastic has just completed an install of a 360 Degree Jungle Gym at the Lodge Fitness Centre in Salisbury East Adelaide.

The Model E360C measures 6.7m x 5m x 2.56m and provides a multitude of options for users including four fixed stations – boxing bag, rebounder, stretching station and a dual weight stack functional training centre.

Congratulations to all concerned and we hope you have many years of fun and fitness with the new steel gym!

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