The Xtreme Elite Agility Ladder features flat, hard plastic rungs for safety and versatility. The soft edges allow cleats to slide on and off the ladder preventing catching or snagging. The rungs also have a slot to easily pack-up and store your ladder.

  • Single-Row Speed & Agility Ladder
  • Flat, Hard Plastic Rungs for Safety & Versatility
  • S-Handle Design Keeps the Ladder Tangle Free
  • Light Weight and Easy to Set up Anywhere
  • Great for Agility, Speed, Direction-Shift Training and Aerobic Fitness
  • Suitable for All Ages
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Extremely Easy to Set Up & Put Away
    Each Segment is 2280mm Long (Set Includes 4 Segements)
  • Each Segment is Equipped with Snap-Couplers at Both Ends Allowing the User to Combine Forward, Lateral & Backwards Movements in a Single Drill
  • Total Length: 9.12 Metres