The wide variety of exercises that can be performed with the Xtreme Elite Bulgarian Bag is amazing: Functional loading of sports specific movement patterns can be easily achieved by utilising this versatile training tool. Swinging, Throwing and Lifting can be practised alongside intensive grip and proprioception work. In fact the bodies entire musculature can be targeted in either isolation or integrated patterns of work.

This is achievable thanks to the Xtreme Elite Bulgarian bags three integrated grips: Nylon loops, Grip stumps and the anatomically designed semi-circular form of the bag.

How to Choose Your Xtreme Elite Bulgarian Bag:

  • Extra-Small 5kg (Orange Straps) = Recommended for Athletes up to 45kg
  • Small 8kg (Yellow Straps) = Recommended for Athletes up to 60kg
  • Medium 12kg (Blue Straps) = Recommended for Athletes up to 80kg
  • Large 17kg (Red Straps) = Recommended for Athletes up to 110kg
  • Extra-Large 22kg (Silver Straps) = Recommended for Elite Athletes