I-Zone H

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I-Zone H

The H shape group functional training rig accommodates multiple users in a small footprint system. It has four workout stations with functional areas in between all within a 4.2 m x 2.9 m footprint.

A  huge range of accessories can be added to expand the capabilities of the system. Contact BodyTastic to customise your I-Zone functional training rig.

Product Description


  • IZ7001 Stretching Station
  • IZ7002 Boxing Station
  • IZ7003 Rebounder Station
  • IZ7005 Dual Action Pulley Station


  • 4137 x 2880 x 2446(H) mm

Accessories (Not Included):

  • IZ7009 Step Attachment
  • IZ7010 Dip Attachment
  • IZ7012 Pivot
  • Punching Bag – purchase separately or supply your own
  • Kettlebells, Suspension Trainers, Battle Ropes and so on.


Additional Information


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