RC6 Novo

RC6 Novo


The RC6 Novo is a recumbent ergometer designed for advanced physiological tests where maximal accuracy, reliability and repeatability are essential. The bike can be used as a stand-alone unit or controlled by external systems such as a PC or metabolic cart. The unique pendulum system provides you with Monark’s unmatched calibration method which guaranties accurate and reliable data.



  • Resistance can either be RPM independent or RPM dependent
  • Fast and accurate adjustment of the resistance through the Novo control system
  • The adjustable swivel seat and the easy entry recumbent frame create a perfect test and training device for elderly, mobility impaired and obese patients
  • ANT+ and 5kHz heart rate receiver
  • The Monark pendulum system allows you to easily calibrate the resistance and guarantees accurate and reliable data
  • Displays Time, Speed, RPM, Heart rate and Workload
  • USB interface
  • PC Software
    • VO2 submax test
    • Training/test protocols (custom)
    • VO2 max test
    • VO2 controlled

Tech Specs

  • 4-700W Workload Range (50-100RPM)
  • Peak Power 1400W (200RPM)
  • Smallest increment 1 W
  • Steel 170mm Crank
  • Distance Seat to Handlebar 80-470mm
  • Measurement 190x68x107cm
  • Weight 87kg
  • Flywheel weight 20kg
  • Maximum User Weight 250kg
  • External control is via RS232 and USB-B.
  • Data outputs can be used simultaneously, in parallel with each other

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RC6 Novo


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