Styku is a simple to use, yet powerful 3D body scanning system.
Capture and view people in 3D. Extract measurements, shape, body composition and other insights relevant to the Sports, Fitness and Weight Loss industries.

About The System

Scanning someone is simple. Simply stand on the turntable and hold still for 30 seconds while the platform spins. With its razor sharp high resolution infrared images, Styku captures millions of data points in a matter of seconds in a fast, non-invasive and harmless process.

  • Built on the Microsoft Kinect V2, the world's most powerful 3D Camera.
  • Extracts millions of data points in less than 30 seconds.
  • Automatic turntable that rotates 360 degrees to capture the full body.
  • Lightweight Aluminium enclosure and stand to protect 3D Camera. Low square footage. Easy to move and re-position for small spaces.


A short 2:23m video explaining the Styku system and the simplicity with how it works.

Styku Tech Specs:
Capture Hardware and Software
• Footprint: 244cm x 168cm
• Setup Time: approx. 10 minutes

• Weight: 10kg
• Dimensions: 66cm x 66 cm x 12.7 cm
• Power: 220V
• Recommended Max Load: 275kg
• Speed: 35-40 seconds per revolution

Sensor & Stand Enclosure
• Weight: 5kg
• Sensor Model: Kinect for Windows V2
• Camera Resolution: 512 x 424

Measurement and 3D Viewer Software System
• Measurement Accuracy: +/- 6.5mm for standard measurement set
• Scanning Volume: Variable
• # of Standard Measurements: 33
• Unlimited number of additional measurements
• Industry Extensions Available (Fitness, Health, Clothing)
• Operating System: Windows 8 or above
• Price Includes Laptop computer with powerful Intel processor, and gaming quality graphics card



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