VersaClimber Accessories

VersaClimber Accessories


Range of accessories designed by VersaClimber for VersaClimbers.

VersaClimber Accessories:

  • Adjustable Seat
  • Quick Release Running Handles
  • Wall Mount Brackets
  • Arm Extenders


Adjustable Seat

Provides a non-weight bearing exercise. Adds training versatility to your VersaClimber, while seated, user may pedal like a bike or use both arms and legs for a more relaxed comfortable work out. Adjustable seat for use on LX and SM models only.

Quick Release Running Handles

These free moving or “swivel” running handles allow hand and wrists to be in a more natural running position during your VersaClimber work outs. Also accommodates many other training routines that focus on arms, shoulders, back and chest

Wall Mount Brackets

Use a wall mounting bracket to secure a VersaClimber to any wall. There are 3 versions to choose from: Left, Straight and Right angle brackets. Includes all required hardware for mounting to wall and L brackets for mounting to VersaClimber

Arm Extenders

Add maximum reach, stretch and flexibility for taller people.

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