The new Xtreme Elite Weight Vest allows you to take your training to the next level. Incorporating easy adjustable straps, getting into and out of the weight vest has never been easier.

Weight vests are commonly used to help develop explosive power, with the option of starting with no weight blocks to going up to 30kgs (if you purchase the 30kg capacity vest), you will find the right weight load to get the speed/balance ratio right for your power workout.

This Weight Vest is a rugged, durable device with a fully-adjustable strap to ensure it fits exactly to your torso. We guarantee that it won’t slop or sag, regardless of whether you’re running stairs, doing burpees or even bear crawling. The Vest is weighted with 1kg weights, each of which is secured snugly into its own Velcro pocket.

  • Available in 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 30kg carrying capacities
  • Easily Adjustable Straps
  • Individual 1kg Blocks
  • Used to Help Develop Explosive Power