The Xtreme Elite XE2762 Power Rack is a solid, small footprint rack which can be joined with various bridges to make up multi section rigs.

  • Approximate footprint 135 x 87 cms
  • Uprights are made from 75 x 75 mm 3 mm thick Steel tubes
  • Upright height is approximately 2.3 m
  • Includes a Fat/Skinny Pull Up Bar
  • Pair of J-cups
  • A pin pipe safety bar
  • 4 x band pegs
  • West side hole spacing which means that the holes in the uprights are closer together (25mm) near the bottom of the rack and further apart (50mm) toward the middle and top of the rack.

Accessories such safety arms, Multi-grip bar, plate storage horns are available. Please contact BodyTastic for more information.