108SM-Magnetic Sport Model

108SM-Magnetic Sport Model


Our NEW SM-M VersaClimber incorporates magnetic resistance for hyper-smooth movement. SM-M uses eddy current brake system that creates non-friction resistance. The SM-M accommodates every exerciser with 11 easily adjustable resistance levels. As the leader in total-body vertical climbing since 1981, VersaClimber delivers highly efficient, effective, total-body, non-impact workouts that blast calories and fat.

The SM-M VersaClimber was designed with Health Club quality and repeat durability in mind. The SM-M VersaClimber is one cardio piece that does it all; upper and lower body, step, walk, jog, sprint or climb vertically against gravity in a smooth, total body, non-impact, effective rhythmic motion. It has been proven to burn the most calories in the least amount of time.


SM-M VersaClimber Features:

  • Steel Structure
  • Variable Magnetic Resistance
  • Side Hand Rails for use as a Stepper
  • Adjustable Hand Grips, 3 Settings
  • Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern Cross Crawl
  • 11 Tension control settings
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Quick-release straight handles
  • Adjustable foot straps


VersaClimber Sport Tech Specs:

  • Bluetooth connectivity upgrade – provides smart phone connectivity for use with free VersaClimber phone app.
  • Steel double welded frame
  • Step Height 2 – 50 cms (1 _ 20 inches)
  • Arm travel 2 – 50 cms (1 _ 20 inches)
  • 3 setting hand grip adjustment
  • Max User weight of 160 kgs
  • Height 2.3 m
  • Base 109cm X 117cm
  • Climb Angle 75 degrees
  • Maximum Speed of 77 Vertical metres (255 Vertical feet) per minute


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108SM-Magnetic Sport Model


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