The Xtreme Elite Blue Grid Foam Roller is great for deep tissue massage channeling blood and oxygen through the muscles and creating elasticity in the muscle, providing a precise massage. For a full core body workout from sports massage to muscle rehab this grid roller is designed for all types of people and uses. Use the grid for a self-massage and roll through the tight muscles that prevent feeling good and moving well. If your new to foam rolling then starting off with this foam roller is your best option as its more aggressive than a standard foam roller.

  • Constructed from a Soft EVA Foam Outer & a Hard Plastic Core
  • Yoga Foam Roller for Gym, Pilates, Yoga, Exercise & Physiotherapy
  • The Surface of the Grid Roller Contains Specially Designed Bumps that are Extra Firm, but Flexible
  • The Bumps Continuously Knead the Contours of your Body
  • Gently Stretches Soft Tissue (Muscle & Fascia) in Multiple Directions
  • This Action Erodes Trigger Points, Helps Restore Flexibility & Brings Quick Relief to Common Types of Muscular Pain
  • You Can Control the Amount of Pressure the Bumps Apply to your Body (Less than 2″ Apart), So Several of them Simultaneously Contact your Body During Most Exercises
  • Length: 30cm