L8 Rehab Fully Optioned

L8 Rehab Fully Optioned


With its large running service and weight capacity, the L8 Rehabilitation Treadmill combines superior Landice craftsmanship with truly versatile rehabilitative, medical, and sports conditioning solutions. The L8 Rehabilitation Fully Optioned Treadmill includes these great features to give practitioners more flexibility and control, and to give users a more enjoyable experience.



  • Zero starting speed
  • Extended parallel medical handrails
  • 300 micro-amp Isolation Leakage Kit
  • VFX shock absorption system
  • Patient-attachable safety lanyard
  • 1-inch thick reversible deck
  • 19cm Low step up height
  • Reversing belt direction with hand held remote stop start switch
  • Reversing belt
  • Hand-held remote Stop/Start Switch
  • Orthopaedic Suspension System

Tech Specs:

  • 4 HP continuous-duty motor
  • Footprint – 91 x 210cms
  • Maximum User weight – 227kg
  • Ultra high-torque drive
  • 0.1 to 18 kph speed range
  • 15% elevation
  • Rust-free aluminium frame

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