The Xtreme Elite Multi Grip Bar 1.0 is an excellent option to add variety to your training. Also known as the Swiss Bar and sometimes the Football Bar, the Multi Grip 1.0 lets lifters use a neutral hand position on presses, curls, and extensions, rather than pronated or supinated. Essentially, it facilitates a neutral grip during pressing and rowing movements, which is far easier on the shoulders.

  • 6 Neutral Grip, Knurled Handles spaced at 14, 34 and 55cm
  • 32mm knurled handles for a solid grip.
  • Distance between collars 134cm
  • Loadable sleeve length 35.5cm
  • Unloaded weight 20kg
  • Bench press or row with a variety of parallel grips.
  • Can also be used on a Squat Rack, Power Cage or Bench Press
  • Heavy Duty steel construction with a black powder coated finish.
  • Fully welded tubular steel construction.