VersaPulley Portable

VersaPulley Portable


The VersaPulley Portable is a portable, light weight strength exercise pulley machine that combines speed, power and functional mobility through any range of motion with accommodating inertial resistance at any speed, just like sports. The VersaPulley was designed to enhance sport movement and athletic performance.

The resistance used is based on patented MV_ technology. This technology provides responsive resistance and a true stretch-shortening cycle for closed chain, multi-plane, multi-joint exercises as well as isolation or open-chain routines. MV_ technology is a mechanism utilising rotational inertia and an infinitely variable cam (cone). One can perform a vast array of exercises across the force-velocity spectrum ranging from high force and low velocity to high velocity and low force.

IPU Force Read Out Display

The VersaPulley can be purchased with optional upgrade for force read out display. The IPU module displays rotational velocity as a number to monitor energy exerted, stroke by stroke.


  • Force developed 1 to 363 kgs
  • Speed is User defined
  • Range of motion 2 cms to 305 cms
  • Muscle action – Concentric, Eccentric and Plyometric
  • Joint Angles – Unlimited Multi-Angular
  • Plane of motion – Unlimited Multi-Planer
  • Built in the USA


Tech Specs:

  • Structural Steel
  • Rope Tensile Strength 544 kgs
  • Pulleys Working Load 480 kgs
  • Standard Colour Black

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VersaPulley Portable


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