Xtreme Elite Gymnastic Rings are a great tool for body weight exercises and have been used extensively throughout sports to build lean and strong upper body strength. The original suspension training system, used for over a hundred years for gymnastic training.

The Rings are full size 24 cm Ring diameter and full length 4.3 meter bands. The rings focus intensely on the upper body muscle groups, which is why a lot of athletes and trainers recommend using them.

There are many benefits to using Wooden Gymnastic Rings such as building a toned and lean physique because the Rings only use your body weight as resistance. The rings are great for helping to build coordination and balance which is useful in all sports and non-sporting activities. The Rings are able to move in three dimensions and hang freely from any strong beams or tree branches, which give the added challenge for your body to stabilize itself and the Rings from swinging or moving in undesirable ways.

The rings are also very versatility and large range of high extended exercises as well as low and close to floor exercises. The difficulty can be changed is based on the angle between your body and the floor with more vertical posture being harder than upright postures.

  • Professional Wooden Rings with Adjustable Straps
  • Full Size 24cm Ring Diameter / 4.3m Straps
  • Huge Range of Upper Body Exercises