Helix Lateral Trainer

Helix Lateral Trainer


NEW Model with updated console and grey finish available!

QUESTION: How do we know the Helix runs circles around ellipticals?
ANSWER: A university study proves it.
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A Helix lateral workout burns more fat in less time than a traditional workout as you raise your heart rate faster and activate more muscles thanks to its patented lateral side to side movement.

The Scientific Facts:
The patented lateral motion activates more muscles more quickly than other machines according to a comprehensive 2011 University of Tampa study which compared a Helix to a well know Cross Trainer. Primary findings from the study found that the Helix Lateral Trainer workouts achieved (on average):

  • 55% More Core Activation
  • 40% More Glute Activation
  • 23% Faster Achievement of Target Heart Rate
  • 50% More Outer Thigh Work


Get a Full Lower Body Workout using the Helix Lateral Trainer. PowerHouse Gym in Tampa, Florida has Lateral Trainers for their gym members to use. This video focuses on the workouts both a Personal Trainer and a MMA fighter experience on the Helix Lateral Trainer. They both comment on how much of a full body workout they receive. They highlight on the intensity of the workout and the benefits they feel. Both say how their calves, thighs, butt, abs, legs and inner and outer knees are put through a great full body and lower body workout. Watch this video to get their full experience and their testimonials.


  • Heavy Duty Frame and Construction for Full Commercial Use
  • Oversized Footplates
  • Lateral Movement
  • Easy to use LED Dot Matrix display
  • Activates more muscles than other cardio machines
  • 8 Exercise Programs
  • Traditional machines work the front and backs of legs: a Helix workout sculpts the entire lower body 360 Degrees
  • A scientific study found Helix outperformed a leading elliptical on 4 out of 5 muscle groups, with 50% more core activation, 50% more outer thigh activation and 39% more glute activation
  • Helix users achieve target heart rates faster and activate more muscles than traditional cardio users.

Tech Specs:

  • Electro-magnetic resistance
  • 16 Resistance Levels
  • 400 Watts maximum resistance
  • LED Dot Matrix display
  • Programs: Quick Start, Manual, Random Interval, HR Control, Valley, Rolling, Mountain, Olympian
  • Display Output: Time, Calories, RPM, Distance, Heart rate, Level METs, Watts
  • 12kg Flywheel
  • Maximum User Weight – 159kg
  • Unit Weight – 102kg
  • Footprint – 110 x 110cm
  • Power – Self Generating, no power source required

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