Innovative multifunctional strength training equipment which combines a Half Rack and a Smith Machine in one solid dual-purpose unit.

The SL7042 Smith Machine Power Rack Dual Combo has multiple hanging angles, which has been built to accommodate more weight plates. The position of the hook and the protection frame on the Smith Machine can be adjusted to meet the needs of different people and to ensure safety.  The plate loaded strength training equipment is made of super-sized pipes, all parts are processed by multiple processes to ensure that the equipment is durable and conforms to the contour of the human body, giving a stable effect and maximum comfort during exercise.

The SL7042 has the most ergonomic trajectory and conforms to the muscle strength curve, avoiding loss of strength when exercising to the top, and can target muscle groups during use get full contraction, which provide users with a safe and effective training experience.

Tech Specs:

  • Plate Storage Bars: 8
  • Product Dimension: 2315*2241*2391(mm)
  • Net Weight: 313.4kg