PU Olympic Bumper Plates

PU Olympic Bumper Plates


Hard wearing PolyUrethane Weight Bumper Plates ranging from 5 to 25kg in 5kg increments.


  • Made for Commercial environments
  • Large, easily identifiable weight numbers
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Plates are all the same diameter
  • Made from super tough PolyUrethane
  • Odourless – PU doesn’t smell
  • PolyUrethane bounces back less than rubber
  • PU doesn’t tear, mould or fall apart



Abrasion Resistant

Parts made of polyurethane will often outwear other materials when severe abrasion is a factor. It has been proven to be vastly superior to rubber plastics and metal in many applications.

Oil and Solvent Resistant

Polyurethane has excellent resistance to oils, solvents, fats, greases and gasoline.

Load Bearing Capacity

Polyurethane has a higher load-bearing capacity than any conventional rubber. Because of this characteristic, it is an ideal material for load wheels heavy duty couplings, metal-forming pads, shock pads, expansion joints and machine mounts.

Tear Resistant

Tear-strength ranges between 500-100 lbs/linear inch, which is far superior to rubbers. As a result, urethane is often used as drive belts, diaphragms, roll covers, cutting pads, gaskets and chute liners.

Weather Resistant

Polyurethane has outstanding resistance to oxygen, ozone, sunlight and general weather conditions.

Excellent Noise Abatement Properties

The hard urethanes are now being used as gears in products where engineers desire sound reduction. The soft urethane are is used to replace rubber for improved sound/vibration dampening.


Most formulations offer extremely high flex-life and can be expected to outlast other elastomer materials where this feature is an important requirement. Dust boots, bellows, diaphragms, belts, couplings and similar products are made from urethane for this reason.

Heat and Cold Resistant

Continuous use above 225°F is not recommended nor is urethane recommended in hot water over 175°F. At low temperatures, polyurethane will remain flexible down to – 90°F. A gradual stiffening will occur at 0°F, but will not become pronounce until much lower temperature are obtained.

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PU Olympic Bumper Plate


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